Aka Finn The Human






Jake (foster Brother) Flame Princess (Girlfriend) Joshua (Foster Father) Margaret (Foster Mother)


12 in Season 1

13 in the episode Mystery train until season 2

13 in Season 3

14 in season 4

Finn is almost the only human in the Land of Ooo, he doesn't know his real parents. Finn was previously named Pen. Finn's hat was a Grizzly bear's ears, his neck does not show much at all. The first time Finn ever took off his hat was the time he offered his hair to a Tree Witch. Finn basically loves adventuring with his foster brother Jake the dog. He used to have a crush on Princess Bubblegum. His new girfriend is Flame Princess. He is also good on metal battle as seen on Goliad. Also he loves to help anyone in need, so the next time you have a monster chasing you, expect Finn to hear your cries

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