Ice King
200px-Ice King
Aka as Simon Petrikov






Betty (fiance)



The Ice King has a mysterious past... He used to be a human named Simon Petrikov until he discovered the ice crown and lost his love. He was kidnapping princesses so that he knows which princess is like his lost love, Finn always thinks he's kidnapping princesses to make an army to rule OOO. In "Loyalty to the King" It appears he said he will do that, also in "What have You done?" he says that he is in a strict diet. Ice King may not be a fun person because he owns boring board games he made by himself, a so-called celebration called "Game night" And things he does everyday. His only friend is Gunther (or Gunter...) a penguin. You feel like you wanna go into a cold place and be in a dungeon? Call the Ice king for that.

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